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Pod Display

Looking for a unique display unit?

Believe us when we say a Lancashire Hot Pod turns heads – ideal for when you want to catch someone’s eye. The Hot Pod’s style also makes it a great background prop for events. Practical and novel ways we can support your commercial or party ventures

Why not festoon a Hot Pod with branded livery/logos for your advertising campaign? You can hire a Lancashire Hot Pod to display your Livery/logo, web page, discount sale, goods, etc. in an area of your choice or have it driven around to capture a greater audience. Potential customers will be drawn to look at our eyecatching quality Hot Pod and hence check out your brand name.


Lancashire Hot Pods can be used to house your brochures or stock as you market or advertise your goods. Signs postioned externally will draw people in .e.g. sporting event, Christmas market, etc. Great as a novel catering vehicle, kiosk or tradeshow stand.

Event/Film/Theatre set/Photographic prop

If you are looking for a novel backdrop or prop then the Lancashire hot pod is a great choice. Multifunctional and versatile it could fulfill many roles to enhance your production, wedding, corporate event, party or celebration.