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Why a Pod?

What can I use a Lancashire hot pod for?

The following is a list of examples where our pods can be utilised and there are many other roles these amazing units can fulfil.


  • Lancashire Hot pods make excellent mobile glamping pods for your own private use
  • Wooden caravan/cabin/shepherd hut. Why not test how successful the fashionable shepherd hut industry is in your area? You can try before buying, by renting a Hot Pod for use on your own private land.
  • Mobile Granny annexe/temporary additional bedroom – Got visitors? it’s definitely better to retire outside to a Hot Pod than crash on the lounge floor.
  • Office space – need to get away from the house? Hot Pods are versatile home offices that don’t take up everyday space in your house or require committing to building in your garden plus you can take it with you if you move home.
  • Ecohome/Ecohut/Ecolodge
  • Garden room

Do you run or own an existing Holiday Home sites, Glamping pod site, or camping site? In peak season, why not hire a Lancashire Hot Pod to compliment or supplement your existing accommodation. There is also the option to purchase a unit to be able to enjoy the flexibility of moveable, stove heated accommodation

Examples of business applications

  • Display UnitDisplay Unit
  • DJ PodDJ Pod
  • Exhibition or Tradeshow StandExhibition or Tradeshow Stand
  • Film SetFilm Set
  • Glamping PodGlamping Pod
  • Mobile Beach HutMobile Beach Hut
  • Mobile Beauty TherapyMobile Beauty Therapy
  • Mobile SaunaMobile Sauna
  • Mobile KioskMobile Kiosk
  • Music Art FestivalMusic Art Festival
  • Nature WatchingNature Watching
  • Portable CateringPortable Catering
  • Santas GrottoSantas Grotto
  • Spare RoomSpare Room
  • Sporting EventsSporting Events
  • Themed EventsThemed Events
  • WorkshopWorkshop
  • Xmas TheatreXmas Market Stall

Other applications include:

  • Additional sauna unit supplied to similar companies to increase their event capacity (for example at festivals to increase spa day throughput) or to compliment a hot tub
  • Nature pod or birdwatching hide
  • Mobile Drinks Bar or coffee house
  • Portable Warm room at the end of a sporting event (triathalon, mud run, surfing…)
  • Sales counter for meatball and hotdog vendor
  • Marathons and Fun runs – support vehicle
  • Security Booth
  • Scandinavian, Gypsy and Cowboy themed events
  • Warm seating area for a portable catering unit
  • Mobile Dog Grooming
  • Ticket Office

Leisure options:

  • Portable mancave/day room
  • Portable weekend spa room
  • Mobile sauna
  • Mobile summer house which can be moved around the garden to capture the best light in different seasons and avoids need for planning permission
  • Portable Home office
  • Portable beach hut
  • Portable bird hyde/nature pod
  • Mobile Shepherds hut for fields that do not have building permission
  • Moveable accommodation for land that floods